Coherent imaging workshop

In April 2017, The Plasma Accelerators and Ultrafast X-rays group hosted the Coherent Imaging with High Harmonic Sources Workshop, held at Merton College, Oxford. The meeting brought together thirty researchers from fifteen different institutions worldwide. The objectives of the meeting were

  • To establish how coherent X-ray microscopy with table-top sources can move from imaging test objects towards characterizing systems of genuine scientific interest.
  • To explore how the unique properties of these beams can be exploited to the full.
  • To discuss how temporally-resolved imaging with high harmonic sources can be achieved.

The workshop provided a timely opportunity for researchers to reflect on the rapid development of microscopy techniques utilising high harmonic generation, while also offering a chance to discuss scientific problems which may be addressed using coherent x-ray imaging.

Invited talks were delivered, respectively, by Christian Spielmann of Friedrich Schiller University Jena and Stefan Witte of the Advanced Research Center for Nanolithography, Netherlands. Charlie Pooley of the University of Southampton was judged the winner of the poster competition for his contribution titled “EUV transmission ptychography using a high harmonic source”.

Feedback from workshop attendees was unanimously positive and it is hoped that a similar meeting will be organised in the next few years.

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